Who We Are

Welcome to our website we offer the most innovative safety flashing LED Clothing on the market! We guarantee that our products will increase your safety while you get your work done or while having fun! We offer an amazing selection of Vests, Belts and Cyclists Jerseys. We have spent countless hours paying special attention to detail to ensure that our customers are SAFE!!! Our headquarters is located in Las Vegas,NV. We work with several distributors from around the world including South America, Canada & the European Union

We were established in 1999 under the name NoveltiesWorldwide in 2014 we changed our corporate name to TechNoveltiesWorldwide. Since our humble beginning we have strived to serve our customers with integrity and world class customer service.The tech flasher is the BEST on the market! Our products all contain integrated LED flashing lights that have different flash patterns to choose from. Make sure check out our “PRODUCTS” section out to see what we offer. We also use innovate technology that can allow you to charge your products from any USB Port, Wall Outlet or Car Plug! We make sure that our products are easily charged on the go!


Our state of the art products are top of the line. Our advanced manufacturing equipment is designed to deliver amazing results. We are dedicated to the safety of our customers and strive deliver only the BEST Safety products. We have exclusive designs in all different colors and sizes.

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